Pig Roast in Oxfordshire

oxfordshire pig roast.jpg

2014 is now upon us and we are warming up for the pig roast season in Oxfordshire. Oxford Hog Roasters roasted countless pigs throughout Oxfordshire last year and we are looking forward to the new season. We've a couple of standard pig roast options available in Oxfordshire.

First is the standard Oxfordshire pig roast, which includes tasty ciabatta rolls with succulent pig roast with a good helping of stuffing and some slightly tangy apple sauce.

Second is the Oxfordshire pig roast buffet, which includes the tasty pig roast and ciabatta rolls as before but also includes three large salads of your choice.

And for our vegetarians who are not so keen on pig roast we have provided three tasty options.

1. Stuffed peppers with Halloumi cheese, spring onion, mushroom and couscous.

2. Poached salmon with White wine and dill

3. Veggie skewers with Halloumi cheese, Peppers, Red Onions, Courgettes; marinated in a balsamic and herb sauce.

If you would like to book a pig roast in Oxfordshire or any of the surrounding counties please contact us: info@hog-roasters.co.uk