Mobile Cash Bar - What to Expect

Mobile Bar Oxford

Mobile Cash Bar - What to Expect

When you book your bar with Oxford Hog Roasters we will probably go through a few questions and decide which is the best bar option for you based on the number of guests and the type of drinks you wish to have.


The next question is the “Licence to sell alcohol” our business is covered by our personal licence and some locations will already have a premises licence in which case we can just relax and forget about it. However some locations like a village hall or a fire station may not have a premises licence in which case we will need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice from the council. Applying for a Temporary Event Notice is quite a simple process and we do it all the time (the secret is that the council are only allowed to reject it if the event will put the public in danger). The Council do have an administration charge which we will need to pass on to yourself of £24 if you wish to do submit the request yourself you are more than welcome to do so.

Drink Selection

For a cash bar we have a standard drinks list which we will send you before the event with the price list, we will then give you the option to request any further drinks or make any alterations to the list.

Along with the standard drinks list there is also the opportunity to add local ales on tap such as the Rebellion IPA from the Marlow Brewery.

How it works on the day

Generally we will arrive at least one hour before we are due to serve and set up the bar. Our staff are well trained and are used to manning a busy bar. We will serve drinks throughout the night and call last orders ten minutes before we close the bar at the end of the evening. We have a large stock of drinks back at our depot so in the case that we run low on any particular drink we will just call someone out to deliver it so we can carry on serving. After we have closed the bar we will collect in the remaining glasses and pack up the bar in to the van.