Checklist for a successful hog roast.

Hog roast checklist

Checklist for a successful hog roast.

Hog Roast Party

Thank you for booking a hog roast. Below is a checklist of key points for customers to think about in order to ensure that the event is both safe and successful, based on our previous experience of providing hog roasts at similar venues. Please take time to read these points carefully before the day. You can contact us if you have any queries or concerns.

  1. Access to the site: Please ensure that the route between the parking area for the van and the cooking area is at least one metre wide at all points. This will allow the caterer to transport our ovens and other equipment safely to the cooking area and enable us to set up on time. 

  2. The route between the van and the cooking area must have no more than three steps to be negotiated. Please think about a suitable location for the cooking area on your site.
  3. Parking space: The caterer will need parking for the van within 10 metres of the cooking area. This will allow us to unload cooking equipment before setting up. Once equipment has been put in place we have the option to move the van to another location during the event.
  4. Electricity supply: An electrical outlet is required within 25 metres of the cooking area. The caterer is able to provide an extension lead, but will need access to a standard household socket for power for the ovens.
  5. Water supply: We will require access to water for cooking purposes. Please ensure there is a standard household tap nearby which the caterer can access.