Bonfire Night Hog Roast

Hog Roast at a bonfire party in Didcot Oxfordshire

Now the evenings are getting darker and the weather is starting to turn in most people would have thought that we would pack up our hog roast kit and waited for more warmer weather. Not Oxford Hog Roasters we believe that there are plenty of good excuses to be roasting pigs in the winter weather such as Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas Parties and of course people don't stop having birthdays in the winter months... 

This weekend we found ourselves roasting a pig in a small village outside Didcot at a bonfire party, there were about 100 guests eating the succulent hog roast (the crackling was amazing) and we also bbq'd about 55 sausages for the kids. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the fireworks with a toffee apple in one hand and a hog roast bap in the other. 

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