Tasty Hog Roast from Oxford Hog Roasters

Oxford Hog Roasters have three teams of hog roast chefs on the road who are more than capable of looking after your event. Whether it be a corporate lunch, wedding breakfast or a birthday party Oxford Hog Roasters are ready to take it on.

At Oxford Hog Roasters we believe that it is always best to roast the hog from start to finish at your venue to ensure the very best standard of hog roast.

Oxford Hog Roasters have a wide operating radius anywhere from West London through to Swindon but we can often be found more near to home in Oxfordshire.

At Oxford Hog Roasters we believe in making easy for our customers to check our Hog Roast prices and then book online. As Oxford Hog Roasters is all about making your event a great success we are more than happy for you to drop us an email or give us a call at any time if you have any questions.

The hog roasting process

1. We will arrive approximately 7-8 hours before we are due to serve the hog roast and we aim to setup the cooking area within the first hour. The cooking area is protected from unwanted weather by our 3x3metre gazebo so we are completely weather proof.

2. By the end of the first hour we hope to have the hog prepared and slowly turning in the hog roast machine on full heat to generate the golden crispy crackling.

3. During the following 4 hours we regularly monitor the pigs temperature progress to ensure that we are on track for the hog to be served on time.

4. Approximately one hour before serving time we will lift the pig out of the oven and start to carve the succulent meat into trays we ensure that the meat is slowly heated in its own juices through this time which dramatically improves the flavor.

5. After the Hog has been carved down we quickly set up the salad tables and lay out the bread rolls and apple sauce.

6. We’ll invite your guests over to our gazebo and begin to serve the hog roast.

7. When service has ended we will quietly pack up and leave you to enjoy your event.

8. Want to know more? Check out our Frequently asked questions or contact us on 01235 470032

Not all crackling is created equal

There are quite a few factors which affect the quality of the crackling on a hog roast.

Such as

The length of time the hog is hung for at the butchers.

The temperature of the oven.

The salt type and quantity.

The time when the crackling is removed from the hog.

Without getting all these factors correct the crackling will end up a dark brown/black and taste of charcoal. Not to mention being really hard which is more than likely to require an expensive trip to the dentist.

At Oxford Hog Roasters we have perfected the crackling technique so that we reliably get a golden blistered crackling with a light crunch and loads of flavour (We really like to put our crackling inside the ciabatta roll as it makes a really nice crunch in the sandwich).