Mobile Bar Services

We offer a complete range of mobile bar and drink services for your event


Unlimited Bar Package 

  • Lager on Tap - Budweisser
  • Ale on Tap - Rebellion IPA
  • Cider - Magners
  • Standard Sprits - Bacardi Rum, Gordons Gin, Bells,  Russian Standard Vodka
  • Alcopops - WKD & Smirnoff Ice
  • Italian Red - Nero D'Avola, Il Meridione
  • Italian White - Catarrato Il Meridione
  • Soft Drinks - Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Soda Water, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Water, Lime
  • Also Included - Ice, Fresh Lemon and Lime, All Glassware
  • Unlimited bar up to 50 guests £1075

  • Unlimited bar up to 75 guests £1525

  • Unlimited bar up to 100 guests £1925

  • Unlimited bar up to 150 guests £2650

  • Unlimited bar up to 200 guests £3125

Bar (19).JPG


  • We will require access to electricity.
  • Our Bar is 8 foot long so we will require a space 10 foot x 10 foot.
  • Our Bar Staff will arrive approximately one hour before service commences to set up the bar etc. We will provide at least 1 x bar staff per 50 drinking guests.
  • Bar and staff will be available for 6 hours.
  • It is the clients responsibility to apply for a T.E.N. Please ask for assistance should you need any.
  • Drinks leftover after the 6 hour time-frame will stay the property of Oxford Hog Roasters.

Mobile Bar

We provide a range of mobile bar services from small private events to large weddings.

We offer two basic bar services

The cash Bar

We provide the bar, drinks and bar staff and your guests pay for their own drinks.

Free bar

We provide the bar, drinks and bar staff and you pay for drinks

  • Bar management
  • Glass hire
  • Tea and coffee bar
  • Local drinks package

Alcohol Licence

TEN (temporary event notice) can be obtained from your local council.

Drink Quantities

How much will your guests drink? The answer will depend on many factors. We’ve run enough events to help and advise you on drink quantities.

Bar Staff

We can provide experienced bar staff and waiting staff for your event. Our Bar staff are available at £16 per hour. Additional charges may apply after midnight.