Professional hog roast

Hog Roast

Tasty middle white pig slowly spit roasted with hickory wood chips to generate a rich bacon flavour. Not forgetting perfect crispy crackling.

Handmade salads and BBQ grilled ciabattas. 

Quality Sauces and mustard

Quality condiments to amplify the great flavours.

Grilled Ciabatta Rolls

Tasty Ciabatta rolls grilled on the BBQ to add that amazing smoky taste.


Professional Chef Onsite

Our professional chef is onsite during the whole process – ensuring your meat is succulent with the juices held perfectly for an incredible flavour.

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Oxford Hog Roast

A local middle white hog slowly roasted at your venue. 

Lamb Spit Roast

We also offer a succulent lamb spit roast marinated in our mint and herb oil.

Choose your wood smoke

At Oxford Hog Roasters we blend the practicality of gas ovens with the amazing flavour of from wood smoke. Make your choice from the wood chips below.


Apple Wood

Apple wood chips are a popular fruit smoke wood and gives a milder and sweeter flavour than hickory wood.


Hickory wood chips are the most common wood chips used for smoking and provide a really a strong smokey bacon flavour


The favourite, these aged oak chips are made from old whisky barrels and give off a sweet aroma which infuses the pork with a sweet smokey flavour

We guarantee that you can make changes to your event up to 2 weeks before your event.

Hog Roast

  • Hog Roast
  • Middle white pig smoked with hickory wood chips
  • Crispy ciabatta rolls
  • Onion and Sage Stuffing
  • Quality Apple Sauce and Honey Mustard
  • Summer salad with mango, mozzarella, blueberries, pine nuts and rocket.
  • Handmade coleslaw in a sweet honey vinaigrette

Hog Roast Extras

Oxford Salads

Fresh home made salads

Local cheese board

Great local cheeses

Home made desserts

Large range of home made desserts.

Sample Hog Roast Package

Here’s a menu from a 21st Birthday event we did last year.

  • A middle white pig, slow roasted for 7 hours
  • Carved and served with extras…
  • Summer salad - Mozzerella, mango, Blueberrys, pinenuts and rocket
  • Crispy red cabbage vinaigrette salad
  • Buttery roasted new potatoes.
  • Tasty ciabatta rolls smoked on the bbq
  • Soft butter
  • Quality Apple sauce and Honey Mustard
  • Strawberries & cream, using local fruit and fresh vanilla cream


We also organised and set up the bar, serving pimms and various drinks provided by the customer (Oxford Hog Roasters don't charge corkage) .

Waiting Staff

We trust our staff to give your guests the warmest welcome. Our waiting staff costs are £14.50 per hour.


We have a really tasty range of BBQ appetisers for your guests


Any leftovers will be wrapped up for you to give to your guests to take home.