Just in case anything needs clarifying

Q. How long does it take to roast the pig?

A. A full pig takes approximately 6-7 hours. This process is done from start to finish on your site.

Q. What about wet weather?

A. We have a 3 x 3 metre tent which has attachable sides if required and will keep the hog-roasting area nice and dry. If the weather is driving your guests indoors we are more than happy to continue and bring the food indoors to you.

Q. Do we need electrical power?

A. Though our roaster is gas powered, we will need a small amount of electrical power to run the motor for the spit. We use a very long extension lead for the motor, so it is possible for us to use which ever household socket you have available.

Q. How will you find me?

A. All of our vans are fitted with GPS, so all we will need is a postcode and the road number of your venue. However if you know that your address is difficult to find please send us some extra directions.

Q. Booking and payment?

A. The best way to book is to fill in the 'Contact Us' form on this website, with the details of your event. We will send you a Welcome letter with an invoice for £200 of the total payment, which will be your deposit for the event. Due to the volume of enquiries we cannot consider the date of the booking until we have received the £200 payment via bank transfer. 4 weeks before the event we will send you an invoice for the final amount which must be paid two weeks before the event.

Q. Can I make changes to my booking?

A. Yes, once you have made your booking you can make changes up to two weeks before the event. After this date we won't be able to alter the booking, as we will have already organised staff and purchased the food.

Q. Can I cancel or move my event after I've paid my deposit?

A. The deposit is non refundable however it is possible to move the event if it is more than one month away, to any available period in the following three months. We will not be able to move any event which is less than one month away.

Q. Do you cook the pig with its head?

A. Due to the fact that the head may be disturbing for some guests, we cook our pigs headless. We do however strive to maintain the tradition and ceremony of the hog roast as much as is possible to suit all guests.

Q. When will you need the final number of guests?

A. We will need to know the final number of guests no later than two weeks before the event. This is to give us enough time to book staff and order the food.

Q. What access do you require?

A. Our machine is 1 metre wide and 1.3m high, so we will need at least that amount of access space. Due to the weight of our roaster, we ask that we can park our van within 10 metres of the set-up area, and that if there are any steps to scale, you alert us to this beforehand. It would not stop the show if there is a greater distance to carry, but we need to know beforehand as it will take us longer to set up.

Q. What is the maximum distance you will travel?

A. With our depot based in Didcot, we are happy to work anywhere in the country; the current prices include up to a working radius of 40 miles. We are more than happy to travel further but we will need to charge extra miles at 60p per mile.

Q. How many staff will you provide at the event?

A. We believe that it is important to ensure we always have enough staff for the job. The exact number is dependant on how many guests we must provide for, and how complex the meal is. We have a large resource pool of available waiting staff and can provide extra waiting staff for your event, £120 for 7hrs. Contact us for more details.

Q. Health and Safety?

A. Our business is registered with the Oxfordshire County Council and our premises have been through a Hygiene Safety Inspection. All of our hog roasting chefs have a minimum of level 2 in health and hygiene in catering qualification. All of our equipment goes through a yearly gas safety check. The company holds public liability insurance for up to 1 million pounds.

If you have any questions not answered here, feel free to contact us.